We are experts in the highest quality sprinkler system area.

We are an experienced Commercial and Residential sprinkler systems provider. We always take care of your business and house as good as we can, having on mind your desires, needs and the latest safety rules and technologies. Our technicians are here to help you make your facilities highly protected with the best solutions, so you won’t have to worry about any safety aspects.

Omega’s professionals are quality trained individuals with knowledge of the most revelant safety features, including sperading and constantly improving sprinkler systems technologies.

According to the general safety principles, and the fact that most of the states in the country requires a good and working sprinkler system for all commercial facilities, we are coming ahead and giving you the best options at good pricing. Some of the states (like Pennsylvania and California) decided to require sprinkler systems in all new residential constructions (the law is constantly changing though). Following that, residential sprinklers became more popular, even if they are not fully  required at the states level.

Our goal is to help you choose the sprinkler system that fits best all your needs for simplicity, reliability and ease of maintenance. We provide simple systems but also ones containing specialized, customizable features (e.g. pre-action systems or concealed sprinkler heads).