Advanced Access Protection.

The first thing to know is that an access control systems allow you to monitor, manage and maintain who actually has access to the buildings or particular rooms. It offers advantages over classic, mechanical lock systems, through heightened security, cost savings and increased convenience. Let us tell you a little more about access cards.

First key was introduced about 4 thousand years ago and it still is the most common method of protecting your possessions. Over all these years, a simple brass key has transformed many times, creating many different, more and more advanced versions of itself. Not that long time ago, people came up with completely different method of protection and access control. They developed computer-based, electronic, advanced access protection control system. It uses cards instead of classic keys to grant access to the secured areas.

Traditional mechanical locking methods can provide very high level of security, but they are not always cost efficient or effective.  Almost the biggest benefit to electronic access control system is fact that it minimizes the need for keys. Basic systems of this kind are build of a computerized station, access control system software and a simple of more advanced database program to manage all authorizations. Computers connect to particular panels that are gathering needed data from places where they are installed (rooms, doors, etc). All the traffic is performed thanks to an Ethernet network. Each of controlled access door has to be equipped with appropriate card reader, an electric lock with a door position switch and so-called request-to-exit appliance. The switch is a pretty important component of all the system – it sends signal if the door is unsecure or if there is any problem with locking feature.

A huge advantage to all the electronic access systems with access cards is that doors, where data-gathering panels and devices are installed, can be programmed to unlock or lock automatically for certain periods of times (eg. You want to lock all the doors in your company after business hours – all you need to do is push the right button within the access control system software).

Rest of the advantages:

  • Very convenient method of building access;
  • Very high level of security – possible to track and decide who and when gains access;
  • Minimizes the need for eventual re-keying;
  • Allows to lock or unlock buildings or chosen areas on a timed program;
  • Supports many additional features such as photo ID badges, visitor logging, finger print logging;
  • Often offers heightened security options, building automation alarm monitoring as well as automatic notification system.

Card Access don’t let stolen or lost keys be a threat to your business. To help protect your business OMEGA ensures that each and every system is designed with detailed credentials for each and every user. Credentials can be changed, users added or removed from an offsite computer at any time. We offer additional features: picture ID badges, history of all entries, access authority, warranty and maintenance programs. Contact us for more information and to get a free quote! Call now 773 808 8088 or send a direct e-mail: [email protected].