Detailed credentials for every and each user.

We know how important thing is to keep your facilities safe and sound. Since the technology goes rapidly forward, security systems do the same. Our team consequently learns new methods and stays up-to-date with the newest security requirements. Cassic keys sometimes are not enough. Seems like nowadays, they rather make more complications or cause more costs than they should. Especially if it comes to big businesses.

Due to higher security needs, companies decide to implement advanced security systems with electronic card access. It is a really good idea, that can highten overall safety and make everyday work-life much easier!

Card Access don’t let stolen or lost keys be a threat to your possesions. To help protect your business OMEGA ensures that each and every system is designed with detailed credentials for each and every user. As we implement the system, credentials thet we set up for you at the beginning, can be easily changed either by our employees or by you. Users can be added or removed from an offsite computer at any time.

• We offer feature of picture ID badges.
• Systems we implement provide detailed history of all entries.
• You can decide about access authority and hierarchy.
• We provide warranty and professional maintenance programs.