Increase your home and business safety with a professional wireless video surveillance

Keeping your properties and loved ones safe is probably one of the most important things you care about every day. Protecting people, assets, defending your business and home are essential if you want to stay away from danger. If you have ever worried that modern and advanced security systems might be too difficult to manage or too complicated to install, we are here to tell you that you can change your way of thinking!

One of the biggest advantages of our age is presence of wireless technology systems. You can find among them wireless security solutions. The convenience of such system seems to be very tempting when you think about a video surveillance system. Wireless technology gives you much more flexibility in management and allows you to install all cameras right where you want, without worrying about cables and all the wiring. In this solution, surveillance system uses wifi Internet connection to send data and perform its functions. You can easily log into the system and check actual stats and see surveillance video anytime you want.

Wireless surveillance systems spread into two different types of technology:
– Wifi Cameras;
– Point-to-point Wireless Systems.

The first ones are usually used by small businesses and homeowners. These all-in-one cameras are pretty small, not expensive and very easy to use. The only cable they need is a power cable that has to be plugged into the power source to make the camera work. All-in-one wifi cameras should be used to monitor small areas and single buildings. Cameras of that type have only basic features, so all the advanced and special functionalities are limited and may not be available.

The second one is the best solution for large areas or buildings that need an advanced monitoring system, often with special features and functionalities. This is when a point-to-point system comes in. And again, all cables you need to use are the power cables for cameras, you will not need more wiring beside this. This kind of system allows to turn an IP based system into a wireless one, by linking all the cameras with special antennas. These antennas are pretty powerful and they can make a connection over very large distances – even between surveillance systems located in multiple buildings (like in a college campus). Every camera is connected to the base station, where all data is stored.

Remote monitoring allows monitoring and managing the whole surveillance system via computer from anyplace that has the Internet connection, that uses port forwarding. Many security system companies provide customers with user-friendly mobile apps.

Video surveillance systems that you can choose for your use, have many various advantages. They include, but aren’t limited to, these:
– Performing a constant patrol and supervising the areas they are installed on;
– Monitoring actual situation that is going on and making it possible to perform immediate actions when something is clearly wrong;
– Recording everything that is going on in and around properties – making it easier to catch and identify potential burglars;
– Making you feel safer, having additional protection that (usually) can be accessed from any place with Internet connection.

Omega Pro Systems security services combine professional security cameras, alarm systems and other additional technologies, supported by live monitoring and security specialists, who are always there for you. As a professional installer, we provide full service, that include: activity text and email alerts, off site viewing, warranty and maintenance programs and much more.