Home security tips that will help you keep your property safe

Your possessions needs to be protected and kept safe from any danger. We know it and you know it. But what should you keep in mind are few details, that support every professional home security system and actually let it do its job!

A good, well implemented burglar alarm is number one in all safety solutions that help you protect your possessions. But even the best one will not do its job if you avoid following some basic safety rules.

Thieves like open windows and doors that are not locked. It is a great opportunity for them. There is always something that may be very interesting for burglars inside of any building. Remember that locking doors and windows doesn’t work if you hide the keys in obvious places. If you have any spare key, it is usually better to leave it with a trusted friend or neighbor so criminals won’t have easy access to it.

Another tip concerns your yard. It is wise to use landscape for security. Burglars often use oversized hedges to hide and wait before breaking into the building. We know that having a big yard can provide privacy and make it possible to build beautiful creations, but you need to remember to landscape that space strategically, and make an agreement between a pretty look and security. Most important thing about that is that you should have a full and clear view of your yard from the inside of your house, so you will have a possibility to keep anyone from entering your property without your permission, knowledge and under the cover of messy landscape. Be aware of trees that grow right next to your house – they are very tempting for burglars, because they give them pretty easy access to get into your house by climbing them up.

It is worth remembering that every “unique hiding space” is not that unique as you think. It may seem like a very good idea to hide your precious things in a sock drawer or in and empty cereal boxes, but we tell you – it is not. Professional thieves know them too well and these are places that they usually first areas they look through. If you really need to hide things around it is better to buy an actual safe or purchasing a safety deposit box.

Another helpful things are exterior lights and gravel on the ground. It is a very good idea to install motion detection lighting around your house. System like this makes it difficult to enter a possession unseen. When designing your landscape, think about adding some gravel on pathways or driveway, so, if somebody gets close to the building, you will simply hear it. Reports show, that these two factors are the best bugbears of burglars.

Finally we got to a home security alarm, the one that deters thieves faster and better than anything. Supported with your cautious and all smaller and bigger things that we said before, security alarm is a powerful protection tool. A professional burglar alarm greatly increases your home safety, and makes it highly possible to catch anyone who wants to get to your possession without your knowledge and permission, before they do any damages. As the latest report says, most of burglars don’t have the knowledge how do deal with such systems and how to disable them. Post a security sticker in a visible place and you can also hang your home security sign outside your house. It will notify potential thief that your property is under professional protection, has a burglar alarm and maybe also a surveillance system.

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